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Father's Rights

Knoxville Father's Rights Lawyers

Helping Fathers and Children in Tennessee

There is a popular misconception that judges and courts always favor a child's mother in custody actions. While there may have been some truth to this in the past, times have since changed. Courts will now take into account the best interests of the child and will act in a way that best suits him or her. At The Vaughan Law Firm, our Knoxville father's rights attorneys will stand up for fathers in the courtroom. It is no longer a futile action to seek custody rights to your children.

If you are a father who needs assistance in a child custody matter, we can help. Contact our Tennessee family law lawyers online or call 865-684-4101 to schedule a meeting to discuss your situation.

Dedicated Representation in All Family Legal Matters

The attorneys at The Vaughan Law Firm are dedicated to helping fathers in all family legal matters, including:

Looking Out for the Best Interests of the Child

The law no longer presumes that it is best for a child to be with his or her mother. The court will now apply a list of factors that are meant to determine what is in the best interest of the child. Our Knoxville child custody attorneys will always advocate for the best interests of the child in every family law case, whether you are the father or the mother.

Call for a Consultation With a Maryville Child Custody Attorney

Fathers have just as many rights as mothers when it comes to child custody and other family legal matters. We can help you assert those rights. Contact our Knoxville father's rights lawyers online

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