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Tennessee Alimony Lawyers

Alimony Lawyers in Knoxville, Tennessee

In most family law areas, fault is a dying concept. Who did what during a divorce is not considered in division of marital property. It is not a factor in child custody, or child support. Yet, courts continue to use fault as a significant factor in determining whether one spouse should receive alimony (also known as spousal support and spousal maintenance).

The evidence you present to the judge about your financial circumstances and the events leading up to your divorce can make all the difference. At The Vaughan Law Firm, our Tennessee alimony lawyers prepare your case effectively so that the judge understands your side of the story, whether you are seeking or fighting alimony.

For a Free Initial 30 Minute Consultation regarding an alimony dispute, call us directly at (865) 684-4101. Outside of the Knoxville area, use our toll-free number (866) 770-9039, or contact us online.

Types of Alimony in Tennessee

There are multiple types of alimony in Tennessee. Judges prefer to order alimony that helps the economically disadvantaged spouse become self-sufficient, but may consider ordering the more traditional, lifelong alimony when self-sufficiency is unlikely. In each of the following situations, the alimony obligation automatically ends upon death of one of the parties.

1. Rehabilitative Alimony

Rehabilitative alimony is meant to provide the disadvantaged spouse with the income needed to work toward the standard of living enjoyed during marriage. This type of alimony is a fixed amount that lasts for a fixed number of years. The spouse receiving alimony must make every reasonable attempt to achieve the financial freedom he or she was accustomed to during the marriage.

2. Transitional Alimony

When a person cannot or should not be "rehabilitated" to the income level they enjoyed during marriage, the court may order transitional alimony. Transitional alimony is meant to cushion the shock of the sudden, significant loss of income that the non wage-earning spouse experiences after divorce. Like rehabilitative alimony, transitional alimony is paid for a set period of time.

3. Periodic Alimony/Alimony in Futuro

Periodic alimony, also known as alimony in futuro, is less common today than it was in the past. When circumstances warrant it, a judge can order continual alimony payments to the economically disadvantaged spouse until a significant change in circumstance occurs, such as remarriage, job loss or death.

If you are already receiving or paying alimony and circumstances have changed dramatically, we can help you bring or defend an alimony modification.

Trust Your Case to Alimony Attorneys With More Than 35 Years of Experience

For answers to your questions about alimony for a husband or wife, pick up the phone and call our experienced Knoxville, Tennessee, alimony attorneys. You can reach our offices at (865) 684-4101 (local) or at (866) 770-9039 (toll free). You can also send us an e-mail and we will get back to you promptly.

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